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Hi, thanks for taking the time to read! I thought I would begin by outlining what I hope this blog to achieve and the ‘rules of engagement’ so to speak. The main aim of this site is to encourage philosophical thought in an environment that is both tolerant and enlightening. Too often a thought occurs to me and I have no way of discussing it further. Therefore, this site will be an outlet for such thoughts, questions and ponderings. I hope that by creating such a facility for constructive discussion that I can improve my philosophical understanding of the world and maybe inspire others to look at their world with a critical eye.

I consider myself an amateur philosopher as I have only recently begun to take the subject in a quasi-serious manner. Academically, my philosophical background is rather limited; during my undergrad year of psychology I took a few courses on the subject. I found that even these introductory courses were able to instill respect for philosophy and encourage my personal development in this area.

Philosophers seem to be more aware of the world around them. Not content with an explanation as to why things occur, philosophers actively dig truths, meta truths and so on ad finitum. They challenge commonly held beliefs in a rational, logical manner and uphold scientific values with passion. In short, philosophers are the catalyst that fosters scientific progress. Without them, people would continue to ask why, but in a way that is clumsy, inefficient and lacking in substance. Introspection would be limited to the realm of psychologists and bored housewives watching Dr Phil. Of course, I am being slightly sensationalist here, however my main point remains strong; philosophers lie at the heart of society and science, inspiring people to take a moment and challenge their most cherished beliefs. They want people to not only ask why, but why do we ask why, questions about questions and most of all they want us to delve deep into the very nature of reality itself in order to try and make sense of the world in which we live. Their targets for discussion are unlimited; aesthetics, cosmology, quantum physics and morals are all equally valid and important areas to interrogate.

This is the legacy that I am attempting to grasp. With even the smallest glimmer of insight into philosophy I hope to introspectively analyse my own life and place myself appropriately within this sensory menagerie we call reality. Philosophy is not only a tool for self-development, but also the development of humanity in ways that are positive and necessary if we are to progress through to the next stage of societal enlightenment. A critical mass of thinkers are needed for this to occur, therefore any instrument with a main intent of breeding and fostering a philosophical attitude is of great importance and must be pursued with vigor.

Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or just have a read!